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Welcome to the fourth issue of Red Rising Magazine. We are dedicating this issue to the late Larry Morrissette, a man who has been an inspiration for so much of what we do. Larry knew what the hood life in Winnipeg was like, and the work that he did tried to change it. He co- founded the original Bear Clan, a committed group that fosters safety and helps to ignite the spirit of our community. Larry was also instrumental in creating Children of the Earth High School – one of the first Indigenous schools on Turtle Island. When he was honoured for his work on making COTE a reality this past year, he spoke of seeing young, educated Indigenous people being able to carry the torch for the type of work he built his life around.


Larry was co-author of Indians Wear Red, a book that explains how North End Winnipeg wasn’t simply the result of individuals making bad choices, but rather a byproduct of colonialism. In the last chapter of the book, the authors write about what needs to be done to curb the Indigenous community’s “street gang problem.” In that chapter, the authors say that they need people who have lived those experiences to reclaim their identity and their culture, and to bring forth new ideas to change their communities.


We hope to honour Larry through the platform we are offering with Red Rising. 


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Issue 4: Storytelling as Resistance

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