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What is "Indigenous Education"? 

Red Rising Magazine

As educators ourselves, the Red Rising Education team knows how important and also how daunting it can be to integrate Indigenous pedagogy and ways of knowing into traditional learning spaces. The inspiration for this project came from consultation with local educators in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who said they wanted to teach Indigenous topics but didn’t know how to begin and were afraid of getting it ‘wrong’. After hearing these concerns, the Red Rising Education team focused on developing resources to help educators incorporate Indigenous perspectives into their classrooms in an Indigenous way. 

As part of our education initiative, we created a "What is Indigenous Education?" video, along with a special-edition education magazine suitable for students in grades 5-12. Along with this special-edition magazine, we also created four comprehensive unit plans to go along with the themes in the magazine - Identity, Land and Water, Community and Resistance. To purchase our Education magazine or any of the unit plans, click here


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