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Our very first publication. 


Welcome to our inaugural issue of Red Rising Magazine! The idea for this magazine started off after a day of action. A group of us had been at Water Wednesdays, where we had stood outside and raised awareness about Winnipeg’s water source. We were on our way back and thought that it might be a good idea to create an Indigenous-themed magazine.


Some of the discussions that we had that day revolved around us having gone through media interviews this past year and having our stories skewed by the interviewer to fit their narrative. This is our opportunity to showcase our voices as a collective.


Everyone involved in helping to get this magazine going is each working hard in their respective fields. However, when we come together as a collective, we get to show a strong, united voice. There is a lot of momentum happening in our community right now, and we feel like it’s a good idea to try to capture the energy of Indigenous people rising to the occasion.


We assert ourselves as leaders and work hard for respect. We feel like there has never been a better time to be Indigenous and that, if we work hard enough, we can begin to take on more leadership roles in this country.


The idea is to create a magazine that is unfiltered, uncensored, and is able to tell a story about what is happening right now, and what is about to happen next. The work that we will continue to do will be relentless, and will hopefully inspire a new generation of Indigenous artists, thinkers, writers, and leaders in the community. Welcome to Red Rising. The time for our stories to be told is now!


Price includes Canada-wide shipping. 

Issue 1: The Rising Generation

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