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Issue 10: Matriarchy is our most recent publication, released December 1, 2020. 


In this issue, we explore this way of life that has been held by many Indigenous communities for millennia, emphasizing the very root of our sacred relationship with mother earth and all of her creation. It is important to understand the concept of matriarchy as separate from the colonial state; it is not confined to western biology but rather to a feminine energy in both body and land. Matriarchy holds space and power for trans and two-spirit kin who honour our ancestors while paving the way for future generations. We hope this magazine provides a space for learning and continual efforts to decolonize writing and art spaces - through the voices of those who shared their own understandings, lived experiences and personal reflections of what it means to live in matriarchal ways of being, knowing and living.


Price includes Canada-wide shipping. 

Issue 10: Matriarchy

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